Our office space is designed to foster collaboration, research, and discovery. And fun.

We cultivate a culture where all are comfortable, and intellectual curiosity thrives. In our down-to-earth environment, you'll feel right at home. Within the office you'll discover coding challenges, foosball matches, and poker tournaments. The competition often gets heated, but it's all in the spirit of having fun and team building.

With remarkably low turnover, we have built a close-knit community of talented team players who have – and continue to make – important and lasting contributions.
We are never satisfied with excellence, and it is the spirit of the pursuit of excellence that broadens our employees' vision and mind, keeps our company continuing to forge ahead and face challenges, and sears the criteria of "Never be content with things as they are" in the hearts of all staff.
At WizardQuant, we are a unit-ed learning team. The com-      pany's development takes the  comprehensive team develop-ment as the core, and closely    integrates the planning into    each employee's goal. Wizard-Quant is an organic combina-  tion of every outstanding        employee, and each employee is the most reliable backing    and the most valuable asset of the company.
Innovation is the lifeblood and the source for the company's development. WizardQuant is committed to stimulating the creativity of each teammate,  which is not only the needs for the pursuit of excellence, but  also reflects the people-oriented philosophy as an important part of the company spirit. It  always pushes us toward higher goals, making innovative    development and improve-   ment.
Customer First is the supreme  philosophy of our  company.  WizardQuant puts each invest-or at the  heart of   everything we do. We strives for excellence by use of cohesion and creat-   ivity with a purpose to achieve  the  value  of  client assets. The  company  sets  out   from  the  vital interests of each client  to ensure  the maximum benefits and risk control, achieving the mutual profit and growth of the customer and the company.
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