Compliance & Risk
This is at the center of things we do every day. It is a corner stone to build a long-lasting business and achieve our goal - to provide our investors with long-term stable returns.
Market Risk
Execution Risk
We are not macro traders and don't trade upon domestic or inter-national policy changes, but as a business owner we are vigilant and alerted to policy and regulation changes.
Development, maintenance and testing of compliance processes,  business continuity plan and confidentiality are essential elements of compliance and operation for a successful quant fund.
Understanding risk exposure is not only just important to risk management, but also crucial from the very beginning of research. Beside that, liquidity, leverage and counter-party risk are the factors we consider seriously.
Several control processes and multi-level of safeguards are in place to prevent incorrect trades and program error from being sent to the markets.
Team Structure
The firm's strong culture of collaboration encourages the development and testing of new ideas, rigorously challenging them during multiple stages of peer review. Though we are passionate about math, we also know quite a lot about chemistry.
Superior Research & Development Team We are a dynamic and diverse group of scientists, engineers and business professionals who are accomplished analytical thinkers and passionate problem solvers. Out of 105 full time staff, 85 are engaged in research and development.

Team Building We take time to develop and grow ourselves and teammates at the same time. We are proud of individual accomplishments, as well as the collaborative environment we've built, and what we're capable of as a team.

Close Tie With Academia Working closely with academia, we keep ourselves up-to-date with the forefront of research and more direct contact with talents.

   The backbone of WizardQuant's success is the technology infrastructure and innovation.  We have developed and invested heavily in our technology resources over the years. The result is an infrastructure second to none when it comes to facilitating and servicing the needs of WizardQuant's portfolio manager and researchers community. We focus on researching and developing cutting-edge platforms and tools to create sophisticated data analysis and trading systems using technologies such as data clouds and field programmable gate arrays (FPGA) to achieve the lowest possible latency.
    With the technology innovation, rigorous investment methodology, and high-yield research team, we have steady growth in both bull and bear markets. This has been recognized by a growing number of institutional investors.

Global perspective, Experts steering

Our unique advantage is the management team's background and vision in the international and domestic markets. Our rich experience in front-end trading, back-end risk control and trading system development integrates the entire investment process into an organic whole, adaptive and evolving in changing markets to create a truly unique quantitative fund.

Quantitative analysis, Winning in all weather

We reduce the market volatility through quantitative analysis, find stocks with real stable α, optimize the investment portfolio, and balance long and short positions in order to gain stable excess returns.

Long-tested, Steady growth

Our products are based on a sophisticated strategy framework. After ten years of testing in both domestic and foreign markets, our products have involved unique factors applicable to the Chinese market, and have extracted from the mass of data the earnings signal with strong sustainability. We diversify the investment portfolio to reduce the disturbance of market volatility and achieve stable investment growth.

Multilayer strategies, Huge capacity

With a multi-strategy and multi-asset portfolio system, we gain diversification benefits among different holding frequencies, different strategies and different financial instruments, freely reacting to various market styles, exactly matching investors' risk preferences, and calmly managing large-capacity funds.

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